The most anticipated moment for any woman, the love of your life has knelt in front of you and asked you to be his wife. It is the dream come true of most women. From that moment your life is transformed and a sea of ​​plans that you want to carry out begins.

Between joy, excitement and enthusiasm, things to do become more and more, the list of tasks lengthens and that joy can become a long stress. there we enter. RR Thoranam Mahal brings you the most original ideas, tips and trends for everything related to your dream moment.

From the engagement party, through all the preparations and minor details of your wedding, to going through your honeymoon and celebrating each of your anniversaries. Simply, we have everything for you. Keep reading

List of things you need for a wedding

We know that planning a wedding is complicated , and much more if you do not have a wedding planner in which you can download the heaviest activities. For an appetizer we put the list of things you need to take into account immediately.

Choose the date : (season of the year): It is very important to be clear about the date of the wedding, to know what is the time of the chosen year is necessary to be able to choose the reason for the wedding, the way of dressing both the bride and the guests, because it changes drastically if the wedding is in summer, spring or winter.

The place of the wedding : Usually these sites should be reserved well in advance, especially the church. It seems a lie, but the choice of dates are coincident and can bring serious inconveniences if you do not do this with time. This not only allows you to plan with much more organization, but also allows you to save some money because you are doing it well in advance.

Paperwork: Remember that marriage is also a legal act, so advise on the documents you need to have in order, it is very important

Guest list: Once you have the date and place of the chosen wedding, you can start to create your guest list. It is necessary to pass invitations with time and leave this list closed so that everything can be a space in your agenda for the big day.

Choose your godparents and bridesmaids: Among all the guests you will have at your wedding there is a group of these that are special, the godparents and the maid of honor. They can be a great support during the preparations until the moment when you say yes to the altar

Choice of alliances and the field: The exchange of alliances is one of the highlights during the ceremony. Choose them with dedication. In addition, the bouquet is a beautiful detail that puts a special touch to all bridal attire and the time to launch it must also be harmoniously planned.

Wedding dress and for the groom: It is the most exciting moment of any bride and must also be a process that is done well in advance. Generally, bridal houses need a minimum period of 2 months to make any arrangement to a dress, and much more if the designer will tailor it. There are many processes of previous tests and adjustments so that everything is perfect.

A Planner and a photographer: If you do not properly hire a wedding planner, at least take into account having someone by your side to help you in everything and take care on the wedding day that everything goes perfectly. It is also crucial to have a professional photographer engaged. It is a moment that only lives once and you must have everything ready to capture the best scenes.

The latest trends in weddings

We tell you about the latest trends in weddings, year after year, it will be our challenge. For the moment, we tell you that if your wedding is in this year 2018 that is almost over, surely you are in this list Top of the trends of weddings this year.

The romantic brides: It has been a great trend throughout the year and it seems that it does not want to leave. Girlfriends with princess cut dresses and very subtle makeup with that air of romanticism is what it takes.

Colored shoes: It is an outfit that went unnoticed, especially for those brides who wore extremely long dresses. Currently, wearing a shoe that stands out and more if it is a contrast color, has been frequent and turns out to be a striking and original touch, each bride with her style

Carelessly collected and natural: Following with that romantic air, the hairstyle plays. No hard and impeccable hairstyles, the natural is now more elegant

Outdoor ceremonies and celebrations: Although you never know with the weather, this has been a trend at all times, of course, whether the wedding is in spring or summer.

Original decorations: It is the focal point, after the bride and now, the more work you see in these details, everything is more chic

Many, but many flowers: They say that less is more, but in this line that saying does not fit. The flowers will always be romantic and represent love. They are used without modesty or contemplation

Canvas cakes : Beautiful and stylized, simple and elegant

Gifts for guests: The most original and striking. This has become a very important aspect to fulfill within any wedding. So you must stand out in the details.

Wedding decorations, original ideas

In RR Thoranam Mahal we have put special effort in bringing you the most original and beautiful ideas for you to put into practice to decorate your entire wedding.

You should bet on weddings that have a lot of personality and style, that have character. We tell you some of them right now:

For this season it is very fashionable to use posters to indicate to the guests the way to the ceremony, the place of the cocktails, celebration, toilets, etc.
Your car should stand out, you can decorate it with balloons that have a heart shape with romantic messages.
A photo corner is another decorative trend. You can recreate your love story in graphics and impregnate the place of the celebration with more romanticism.
A red carpet for the ceremony, in the best Hollywood style, as well as granting a real and classic character at the time of the vows.
Special light You can give the moment of celebration a magical and very original touch using light bags. The entrance of the place can have that magical touch you are looking for using thin paper bags of fireproof with candles.
The signature book is a very special memory. You can decorate an album in a unique way so that the guests express their best wishes there.
Use gold-colored diamonds for the banquet . Spread packs of golden diamonds on the tables, can give that feeling of great style and totally call the attention of your guests.
Use different fabrics. It is a very used trend during this season. Tablecloths with floral themes of different shades can give elegance and romance to the place of celebration
Use garlands as a very romantic decorative element
Sweet faces of bride and groom on the cake. It is another trend that always catches the attention of the guests
A Candy Bar. The sweet touch should never be missing. And give the opportunity to the guests to enjoy a variety of sweets, is an element in which you can spare no expense or effort.
Use a photo call We have articles that will show you many ideas to create yours and make this a special touch of fun at your wedding.
Curious Weddings
We touch on this theme, simply out of curiosity, and because of each of them you can take ideas and carry them out with your own style.

We tell you some curiosities to encourage you to know more:

In Egypt. Did you know that in that country girlfriends friends pinch her ?. As you read it. It is a rite to give good luck in marriage. So, do you dare to get pinched on your wedding day?
India. You have probably heard about the beautiful manicure practiced by the bride of this country. It is a ceremony in which the friends of the bride paint the hands and arms of the bride with henna. In this wedding, the bride does not wear white, but red, and of course, the guests avoid using that same color in their attire.
In Sweden we find single kissers. It’s a fun tradition, but not so much for jealous boyfriends. The traditional activity of this country tells the groom to leave the room and all singles proceed to kiss the cheek on the bride. The same happens with the groom, all single women repeat the ritual, which is believed to bring luck to singles who are looking for marriage.
Three-day party in Morocco: A curious wedding takes place in this place in the world. During the first day of celebration the bride is purified with a bath where family and friends are present. On the second day, the bride is given a ritual, which they call protection, which consists of making him some henna tattoos. The main ceremony is celebrated on the third day
In Scotland. There is a very particular congratulation that not any bride resists, since this consists of placing the bride’s milk rotten, rotten food, and other disgusting things. The Bride also spends a full night under a tree, totally drunk. This is supposed to be done because during marriage they will face similar or worse things. What hope!
In Germany, plates are broken to celebrate the great day. Old pieces of tableware are given to be smashed against the ground. This is a ritual of luck and prosperity.

Organize a wedding

We will give you all the necessary details , a complete guide with step by step so you know everything you need to organize your dream wedding.

With all the necessary ideas, it is important to have a scheme to go through little by little everything you are doing.

RR Thoranam Mahal will be your guide in this beautiful journey that will mark your life in a before and after

Gifts, farewell and honeymoon
Other essential aspects. We have the best gifts for the groom, for the bride, for the guests. Also, gifts for the day of your engagement and for the wedding day itself.

wedding anniversaries, silver and gold

Wedding anniversary
What to give to the bride at her bachelore party
Some very beautiful and originals like:

The book of desires and signatures. You can do it yourself, so that detail, besides being original, can become something more meaningful and sentimental. Just keep in mind the tastes of the bride and you can look for some photographs of when they were younger and of other times lived.

A Kit of couples . You can get them in various presentations such as key rings, cups, cushions, sheets, glasses, and so on.

A kit for the day of the wedding . Special to support the bride in the moments that are prior to the wedding, which contains some slippers, towels, creams, and if they are personalized, much more special.

A garter belt, to wear under the groom’s dress. Even give lingerie, fine pieces for the bride to be creative.

Wedding details
In RR Thoranam Mahal we have made a selection of wedding details that you can not miss to read. We tell you that it is one of the things that the bride and groom leave for the last moment and it turns out that it does not stop being important. It is an element that has become increasingly important, to the point that those useless details that were left to save in a drawer were left behind.

You must choose different and original details that enchant your guests. So you can count on the best ideas to acquire beautiful, cheap and useful details. Of all kinds, if the cravings, ecological, whether they are edible or practical for the home.

In short, we bring you hundreds of ideas of beautiful details and with great meaning. The best data that we leave you in advance is that you must have your guest list well defined, so that none of you is left empty-handed

It is very important to tell you that here in RR Thoranam Mahal you will find the best tips to celebrate your day in style, that we do not miss any detail and it is, in short, the best day of your life.

For the moment, we leave you some of the ones you will find:

Do a previous session of photos. It is a special opportunity to be spontaneous and these graphics can be shared on the day of the wedding or be part of the decoration
The preparations: We know that they are important and the best advice we can give you is to look for a quiet and relaxed place, where they can treat you like a queen when preparing for the ceremony. A hotel with good lighting is ideal. These spaces are also ideal for photographic registration.
The music and the guests: It’s a great song. And from now we insist that the key and the success of the celebration is in music, sound quality and entertainment in general
Relax and let the emotion out . It is not easy because they are many details and usually, you want to have control, but let those you hired do their job and relax, enjoy the moment and have fun.
Lighting: Make sure it’s perfect