Organizing the ceremony and the banquet in the same place is very comfortable both for the bride and groom and the guests, while allowing the celebration to be much more fluid. Wishing to discover all the advantages of this option?

One of the first things that the attendees consult in wedding invitations is the place where both the ceremony and the banquet will be held. And there are many doubts that are generated around a link. For example, the wardrobe. Thus, the party dresses of them must be in tune with the atmosphere of the space, like their hairstyles for weddings , which can not be overly sophisticated or informal depending on the style of the link. The same goes for male guests. How to get to the place of celebration or find accommodation depending on the distance and time of the wedding are other equally important aspects that you should take into account.

Advantages of celebrating the entire wedding in the same space

Currently there are more and more couples who decide to give the “yes, I want” spaces prepared to host both the ceremony and the banquet. A decision that makes it unnecessary to move from one place to another which, at the same time, allows you to take more time. Seduced by this possibility? Discover the many advantages of organizing a wedding in the same space .

Being in a single space means greater comfort for the couple, for the guests and for anyone who has to participate in one way or another in the link, such as the photographer, the videographer or the wedding planner . Why? Because it will not be necessary to move , so you will have more time for you and to share with all your loved ones. In this way, you can enjoy more calmly the photo shoot after the “yes, I want” and the aperitif before the wedding banquet.

No hurry, much better

The day will be longer and more profitable if you do not have to “waste” time between one place and another. More time to live your great day, to be with family and friends, and to squeeze to the maximum every second. Think of all the moments that take place throughout the great day: from speeches and parliaments to the launch of the original bridal bouquet – if you dare to join this tradition -, including the delivery of gifts for wedding guests , the first dance as husband and wife to the romantic songs for weddings … The more you can enjoy each of them, the better.

Reduce expenses

Holding the ceremony and the banquet in the same place is usually cheaper than doing it separately because, in addition to reducing the cost of the celebration, there is no need to decorate two spaces or hire staff beyond the one offered by the place. In addition, it will not be necessary to add the cost of gasoline, of possible tolls or car parks.

Possibility of accommodation

Normally this type of places are complex that also offer accommodation for those who want to stay overnight. This, in addition to being a great advantage for guests who live far away or who simply do not want to drive late at night, can lead to the party continuing the next day . A breakfast or a meal with your family and friends may be the best way to dismiss the big party.

The same harmonious ambiance

Celebrating the link in a single space also favors the decoration is more fluid and everything together better, because those responsible for dressing the different scenarios will be the same people.

Moreover, if you are one of those who like to control every last detail and want to be the ones in charge of shaping all the wedding decoration ideas , it will be much easier and faster if the ceremony and the banquet are concentrated in the same space.

Goodbye to the end times

When there are two spaces for celebration it is practically inevitable that the guests must wait for each other so that they can start the aperitif. On the other hand, it will also be necessary to await the arrival of the couple after the photo session. Therefore, if the whole event happens in the same place, these waits will be shortened and everyone will gain time.

Photo session with calm

A place will be practical if you can put together both celebrations, the ceremony and the banquet, and it will be just perfect if you have a nice garden or space to portray yourself . In this way, you will not have to go far and you can spend more time enjoying the party, together with yours. A wedding is a unique event in your life, so it is worth making the most of it, do not you think?

Declared husband and wife

If you want the ceremony to be legal that same day, there is no problem either. Some spaces are blessed, so they can host a religious link as if it were a church. Although you should bear in mind that, in some cases, the chapel may be very small and not have enough capacity to house all your loved ones. In the case of having opted for a civil wedding this is also possible, as long as a councilor can move to where you want.

Convinced of celebrating the ceremony and the banquet in one place? Maybe you had always fantasized about her coming to the altar of the church with her beautiful wedding dress and moving, after the “yes, I want”, to a space as unique and magical as your big day. You make the decision that you take will be the right one, because you will make your dream wedding come true. Consult the original ideas for weddings and turn your dream link into reality.