There are people who occupy a unique place in their hearts and a way to thank their permanent presence, especially in the transcendental moment of marriage, is to give them gifts especially designed. Here, some ideas.

Giving to relatives and close friends, those who have shared with you big and small moments, is a rewarding detail for you and for the recipient. Personalize them and wrap them with a lot of love give in the key of the gift thought especially for that loved one or friend. It is not only the object, but how they present it and what the emotional charge that it entails is. A treat for the guests.

1. The bouquet for the best friend

The tradition of launching the bridal bouquet can be modified a little and then you can choose to hand it over to your best friend , the one who was with you from the beginning of the relationship or who has been sharing long years of friendship. She will be happy to receive it. Thinking of your best friend, other gift options such as a perfume or a bracelet are also worthwhile.

2. Exclusive for friends of the groom

A nice and original pack of stockings and tie is an ideal gift for the closest friends of the groom. Or a pack of stockings and suspenders is a suitable set for the next wedding within the group of friends. Of course, I chose super delicate materials and unique designs to give the original touch to the gift.

3. for parents

Whatever the gift, sure that the parents of both will be surprised to receive your gift. They have always accompanied them and they have given a lot to bring this special date. The classic gift is a photo album with all the hundreds of moments that took place at the wedding. Other options, for the mother, a beauty kit or a simple jewel with dedication. For the father, a tie or a pen with his initials.

4. Beauty products for the godmother

Betting on beauty or personal care products to give to the godmother will surely be a success. Vegetable soaps, moisturizers or a perfume and body cream kit are some product ideas within personal care, or a palette of shades of your favorite tones as a beauty product.

5. Classics for the godfather

An original tasting tray, accompanied by short tequila glasses or beer glasses, depending on the tastes of your godfather, can be very personalized with a message engraved on the wood. Another option, a metal opener or bottle opener, made by hand, of excellent quality in which the date of marriage can be carved.

6. A tribute to the grandparents

If they are lucky enough to enjoy their grandparents, they also occupy a place in their hearts. You can think of a gift to give them during or after the celebration. For them, the ideas are very broad, a tea set, handkerchiefs embroidered with a dedication , a photo book of the documentary style wedding, a dedicated book , a dinner with you as a tribute to them.

7. A dinner with friends

To relive the beautiful moments that took place during the celebration or to remember funny anecdotes and as a way to thank the presence of your friends, a dinner at home is a comprehensive idea for you to include all the people of your most intimate environment, the group with whom they share time, activities or meetings. They will have fun moments!

Customize the gifts will make them unique for their recipients. Do not forget to record names or dates, write dedications and look for nice papers to wrap the gifts. In detail you can see how much you thought of them.